Baby Goat Yoga  is finished until 2022!


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529 Wellwood Orchards Rd, Springfield, VT 05156 Directions

Wellwood Orchards is offering Baby Goat Yoga in 2022!

email:   for more information or to be added to the mailing list for next years sessions!





Please join us for some healthy fun! I’ll be preparing a space for you to join us with the Baby Goats! Pre-registered and prepaid will be guaranteed a spot.  Let’s meet on the mat!!! with BABY GOATS!!!! YAY

We ask that Baby Goat Yoga participants park on the GRASS parking area across the road from the store. This will give you each more space between your vehicles! ♥

If you would like to join us, pre-register/ prepay to secure a space. If there are spaces available on the morning of the class, it will be ‘first come, first serve’ system. I may not be able to answer emails or phone calls early Saturday mornings as I will be preparing for your session! 🙂  Show up!  We’ll try to create space! Let’s meet on the mat!!! with BABY GOATS!!!! YAY

Contact Yogi Aggie @ 603-903-3723 with questions or email to pre-register . PLEASE do not call the orchard. I will reply to your message or email in the evening. I will send waiver/release and payment details.

Please sign up to secure your spot!!!!  We have space for 42 people! We welcome you to join as stand by if space is available. Register for one class or all of them! Payment is nonrefundable*

Class details:
This ‘gentle, restorative’ baby goat yoga class will be adapted for all. All levels of ability and experience will be honored. This practice will encourage improved breathing, balance and alignment, while increasing strength and flexibility with deep relaxation; while most importantly bringing your youthful open heart to the mat! The presence of beings so new to this world gives us all an opportunity to celebrate the pure innocence and wonder of our own journey. Enter an environment that embraces releasing egos. Every participant is encouraged to make each practice their own by honoring your body and expanding your practice, breathing, opening your heart and experiencing sensation based on your body at the moment. Be in the now, listening to your body, and enjoy the company of baby goats!
Life on the farm is busy. At the same time it gives each soul an opportunity to embrace and rejoice in your wiser, true self. The self that pauses, that loves the smell of grass bent beneath your feet, the fur and feathers warmed in the sunshine and air.
The classes are 75 minutes in duration.
The cost is $15.00 per person
Some tips:
Bring your own yoga mat.  Due to COVID-19 there are no mats to lend. (pre-COVID a mat could be used with a cleaning fee)
Wear comfortable clothes that do not constrict your movement. We WANT to move freely!
Looking forward to meeting each of you
Agnes Mark RYT 200

*Except in the case of cancellation. The weather is always different at the orchard and usually a little cooler. There will be a post on Facebook and a group email if the class is cancelled.


The difference in Wellwood's is flavor!